“Arise my heart, and fill your voice with music. For he who shares not dawn with his song, is one of the sons of ever darkness.” – David Herman

Making a playlist for me is like creating a piece of art, I start with a base of songs that I want to hear.  One or two for the beginning of the list and then as I am listening to that I start adding music that blends and flows with the “base” songs or I might have a theme in mind or a story to tell through the music.  Yes, my playlists will have a lot of the same artists as the “base” of all my playlists, but it’s what I put in the cracks between them that will takes you on the musical journey.

When it comes to music I have a broad taste, not just the Jam Band genre, like a lot of people think I do.  I was brought up listening to all kinds of music and I appreciate some more than others like most people. For certain songs, I might like a cover over the original version, for example, I like the Jerry Garcia’s Bands version of Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up In Blue”, so in my lists, I try to use the best version that fits, not just the one that I like.

Playlists are to be listened to in the order of the songs as though you are listening to the radio and not in shuffle mode. 

All playlists can be listened to on Spotify and Amazon Music at this time.  Just click on the badges of the service you would like to use.